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2 Story Storage Sheds – Maximize your Storage Space

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The past few years we have seen a trend towards taller, more elaborate storage sheds. Whether it be for increased overhead storage space or to create a more architecturally appealing outbuilding this trend spurred the development of new storage shed lines.
At first we simply increased the pitch of the roof. Traditionally, sheds had anywhere from a 6/12 pitch up to a 8/12 pitch with a height of a little over 10 feet. Our new shed lines had 11/12 and 12/12 roof pitches and stood about 13-17 feet tall creating a LOT of overhead space especially in larger buildings (12×20, 14×24 etc).
We began to receive requests for very large lofts with ladders or drop down attic stairs. Next came built in L shaped staircases in larger buildings and of course customers began requesting taller walls to increase the upstairs storage space.

To keep up with the demand and lower the price of these buildings the design and construction techniques changed. Initially, we would deliver the shed or “box” as we call it, without the roof. We would then install the gable ends, rafters and sheath and shingle the roof. Doing this on site was time consuming and labor intensive so a hinged roof was developed. By hinging the roof and gable ends we were able to bring the storage shed to the customers home and simply raise the already shingled roof sections and finished gable ends. Once up and bolted together we simply need to cap the roof. Far less time and labor on site.

The benefits of a two story storage shed are many:

  • More square feet of storage with a smaller footprint – Great for homeowners with a small yard
  • Less expensive than purchasing the equivalent number of square feet in a single story storage shed
  • The second floor is great for a man cave or home office

There are obviously other great uses for the second floor. One recent delivery was to a plumbers business location. He had limited storage space and we designed his building with a large hay loft door. He is able to back up to the building and unload pipe from his roof rack directly to the second floor. Another customer uses the first floor as a pool house and with the addition of a dormer the second floor has enough space to be used as a man cave complete with a bar, flat screen T.V. and leather sofas.

With fewer people building new homes I see this trend to larger, more grandiose structures continuing for many years. 2 story storage shed


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  1. Bob Havens says:

    Looking for plans to build a 2 story shed (10 x 20). Can these be emailed to me?

  2. admin says:

    I do not sell shed plans however if you visit My Shed Plans you can purchase shed plans at a great price.
    GL and when you finish post some pictures!

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