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78 In. X 72 In. X 72 In. Portable Storage house Xl Shed

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Description: The Storage House XL is a portable, pop up Storage Shed it is perfect for your Storage needs. Spring steel frame pops the front and back wall up in a flash .Fiberglass interior supports set like a tent making your Shed set up quicker than any other offered on the market . Large Zipper door and Integrated floor makes setting up your shed a ten minute job . Two covered screened vent openings allow for air circulation . Flexible polyester material with PVC backing is UV resistant for longer life . Fold back into a free carry case that’s compact so transport has never been easier! Includes floor ,tent stakes, high wind tie downs and carry case with shoulder strap.
Manufacturer: FlowerHouse
Online: YES
In Stock: YES
Standard Shipping Cost: $12.94
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Price: $209.00
Sale Price: $209.00
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