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10 Ft. X 12.5 Ft. Storage Building

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Description: Today more and more people are spending a larger amount of time outdoors on their deck or patio. They relax. They entertain. Meanwhile, their garage is showing signs of tool overflow. The perfect solution is the 10 Ft. x 12.5 Ft. Storage Building. This unit will provide ample space for the overflow while looking good. The large door opening, 4 Ft. 8 In. wide x 5 Ft. 8.75 In. tall, allows easy storage of your tractor, grill, or other larger outdoor items. Standard skylight and four windows help to keep the interior bright and the shutters and window boxes add a homier feel. Lockable doors with upper and lower latches will allow you to keep your items secure. Long lasting resin construction accompanied with a durable resin floor. The clean lines, neutral colors and over all utility fit the outdoor environment and provide an attractive backyard storage solution. Assembled dimensions approximately 10 Ft. 5 In. Wide x 12 Ft. 8.25 In. Deep x 7 Ft. 6.75 In. High or 9 Ft. 7 In.
Manufacturer: Suncast
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Price: $1,698.00
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