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Some of our Big E friends

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Along with the grind of setting up and working the Big E there is also the excitement of seeing our Big E friends.

Most of these people we see only once a year but it’s as if we were hanging out together all year.

It’s amazing the comradery among the vendors at the fair. Many of them travel to several fairs throughout the year and then there are the locals, those of us who attend one or two regional fairs.

There is also an image of my favorite attraction at the Big E. The Bears! Each year they attend the fair with their trailer of bears ranging from Kodiak’s to black bears and grizzlies. Protected by thick glass you can watch the bears interact with each other, claw at tractor tires and feed. The cost is only $2 and it is money well spent!

irish choppers

Chris and Mickey from Irish choppers. One of our neighbors at the fair. Great guys and great choppers! Chris’ mom and Mickeys wife April cooked us a killer meal yesterday during the fair!


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