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Shed Moving – How to move your shed

How to Move Your Storage Shed Moving a storage shed within your yard is much easier than you might think. You just need the proper tools to do the job. If you purchased the shed from a local storage shed retailer I would contact them before the move. Most shed retailers offer shed moving services […]

#1 Guide to Buying a New Storage Shed

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Buying a shed is a major purchase for some. As with any major purchase it is important to do your homework before you sign on the dotted line. The following are some basic guidelines, which will assist you in your shed purchase. How much space do I need? A tough question to answer because you […]

Some of our Big E friends

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Along with the grind of setting up and working the Big E there is also the excitement of seeing our Big E friends. Most of these people we see only once a year but it’s as if we were hanging out together all year. It’s amazing the comradery among the vendors at the fair. Many […]