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Storage Shed Styles

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Today’s storage sheds come in a wide range of styles and designs. Gone are the days of offering customers a choice of 3 or 4 shed styles. The majority of storage shed designs consist of 4 walls and a roof so when selecting a storage shed, in most cases you are choosing the roof style, siding and of course customizing the layout as well as selecting the color scheme.

Here are the most popular shed styles organized for the most part by roof style

Gable Shed – Also known as: A-Frame – Even Pitch – Cape – Cottage

It stands to reason that one of the most popular shed styles is the “gable Shed” due to it’s traditional, even pitch roof.This roof style mimics the roof style of many homes.

Highwall Barn – Dutch Barn, Gambrel, Colonial

The “barn” style has a traditional country look. Adding a loft or half loft to a barn provides you additional storage area giving you more bang for your buck. Staying with the traditional barn look many customers select red for their base color and opt for cross buck door trim (X’s on the doors).

Carriage House – Quaker, pool house, pool side

This popular New England style has an overhang on the front of the building for added protection. Traditionally, a carriage house had a lower rear wall. Today, due to the need for additional storage space the rear wall is only nominally shorter than the front wall if not the same height.

Kicked Eve – Nantucket

A “kicked eve” roof style is less common when it comes to sheds. Like the carriage house style the kicked eve roof has an overhang. The term “kicked” refers to the lower portion where the roof line “kicks” out creating a different pitch for the lower portion of the roof.

Dormer – Dormered Gable, Victorian Dormer

Dormers are added to the roof in order to accommodate a vertical window (in most cases). There are a several types of dormers which can be added to a shed. Two of the most popular are Victorian dormers and dog house dormers.

The Victorian dormer in terms of sheds, extends up the front wall to a peak which is the same height as the peak of the shed. It then goes front to back meeting the sheds roof peak. This creates two valleys, one on either side of the dormer.

This style shed roof is more common in recent years due to this style dormer being used in many new homes. In some cases a porch is added giving the shed more of a Victorian look.


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