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Shed Accessories as holiday gifts?

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Yes, shed accessories make great gifts. Maybe even the perfect gift for that person who has everything.

Accessories such as cupolas, weather vanes and window boxes will not only add to the sheds character but be seen on a regular basis. And the odds are pretty good that no one else will be giving the same gift unless of course the person had asked for a shed cupola etc.

Shed accessories are also reasonably priced. Window boxes range from $40 per pair up to a couple hundred bucks for more elaborate designs. Standard shed cupolas can range from $80 up to $150 depending on size. And if you have a group of people who want to pitch in then a vinyl cupola with a weather vane is an awesome gift!

There are also more utilitarian accessories such as ramps, shelves and lofts which you can either purchase or even build yourself and install.

Does your father, brother, uncle etc. use a shed as a shop or “man cave”? Help them pimp it out with some cool decorative items. Old signs or product specific signs look cool in a wood working shop or man cave. I have purchased a bunch of Harley Davidson signs for friends to help them deck out their sheds.

Some other accessories you might want to consider most of which are easy to find:  Solar lights, American or decorative flag (with bracket), wind chimes, shed alarm, dorm refrigerator (my mother in-law gave me an over sized one for Christmas a few years ago), dartboard, logo mirror (sports, beer or auto logo), heater, work bench and last but not least, tools.

Just use your imagination. Depending on the person and how they use their shed there are literally endless gift ideas.

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