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Best time to buy a shed?

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When is the best time to purchase your storage shed?

This is a popular question and the answer may vary however speaking from experience there are more than 1 “best times” to purchase a shed.

Here are some suggestions which may help you plan your shed purchase.

  • Home shows and fairs – The reason is competition. There are typically several vendors fighting for your business. Although they may have differences in quality invariably they have all dropped their price. Display models may also be priced even lower than a custom order so if you can be flexible with colors and door placement this is a good time to buy a shed.
  • Summer months – Late July and August are also great times to purchase a shed. believe it or not these are traditionally slow periods for most shed retailers. Families are spending money on vacations and back to school shopping. many shed retailers have summer clearance sales and are trying to move some inventory.
  • Winter – Storage Shed retailers in areas where winter brings snow have a huge decline in sales from December – early March. This is probably the best possible time to purchase a display model. You can expect to save a significant amount on your shed however you may have to wait until March before the delivery is possible. Further you may be required to pay in full or at least leave a large deposit. Why? The shed has more value and the cash flow is not as important to the retailer in the spring. So if you are paying the retailers cost on a unit to help the companies cash flow it doesn’t help him if you pay in the spring.

Of course these are not the only times you can get a fantastic deal. Overstocks, manufacturers errors, dinged or slightly damaged sheds and trade-ins can be found at significantly reduced prices throughout the year.

Hope this helps with your shed purchase!


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