Monday, December 9, 2019

Easy Storage Shed Site preparation (for smaller sheds)

A cheap, effective way to create a base for your small storage shed

We recommend a crushed stone base to most of our customers however sometimes it just isn’t worth the time and money. In cases where the shed is very small (under 80 square feet) although a good idea a stone base isn’t always necessary.

If you are thinking of building or buying a shed around this size here is a simple yet effective way to prepare your shed site.

The first and most important thing is to find a level spot in your yard. be sure it is an area that is relatively dry throughout the year.

Second, purchase patio blocks 2″x8″x16″. These can be purchased at most masonry supply stores or garden lefts. Most Home Depots also carry them. The number of blocks needed will vary depending on the shed construction (more info below).

Depending on the base of the shed the next steps will vary. If your shed comes fitted with 4″x4″s running perpendicular to the floor joists which will keep it off the ground the blocks are not necessary other than for leveling your shed in which case you should only need 6-8 blocks if your shed is a couple of inches out of level and more if your grade is more than a few inches.

If your shed has 2″x6″ floor joists without any 4″x4″s keeping it off the ground then you need to use the patio blocks to elevate the entire shed. In the event your site is perfectly level then 1 -2 stacked blocks will raise it enough to allow ventilation. In this case I would suggest purchasing about 12 blocks unless the grade is more than 4-6″ out of level in which case I would buy more and return those which you don’t use.

This type of storage shed base can be done AFTER the shed is built or delivered. In most cases, if the shed is being delivered fully assembled or being erected on site by the company you purchased it from the delivery person or installation crew will place your shed on the blocks for you. If you are building it yourself then once you have completed the floor place a 4′ level on it and find the high point. Place 1 patio block on the highest corner then place blocks in the rest of the corners adding blocks as necessary to level the floor.

Once the floor is level add blocks and shims every 3′-4′ in order to support the building. You should also support the left of the shed.

Once your base is level and supported finish your shed build.

Once you have completed the shed or the delivery/installation crew is done and gone it is time for some more site work.

In order to protect your shed from splatter from rain run off as well as from weeds and grass growing against it we are going to excavate and area of about 1′ all the way around the shed. Dig down about 6″ in depth and back fill with the crushed stone of your choice. Pea stone is not recommended as it doesn’t compact well and may end up in your lawn. 1″ or under crushed stone or gravel tends to work best as it compacts well. You may also add weed cloth under the stone for added protection.

On sheds with overhangs be sure and measure a foot out from the overhang and not from the floor itself.

That’s it! Your site is complete!


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